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Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher letter. May 16, 2008

last edited 04/12/09

It took over 4 months of persistent phone calls, letters, and faxes to get Congresswoman Tauscher's office to write the letter shown below.

On Friday, May 16, 2008, Congresswoman Tauscher sent a letter to the FBI San Francisco office, asking if the phone number in the photograph is a "2" (as I claim) or an "8" (as AT&T claims), and to respond in writing, to me. Despite my claims that this was within FBI jurisdiction, copies of the letter were sent to the CPUC, the State Attorney General Jerry Brown, and Senator Don Perata, as well as a note in the letter that she did not believe this to be an FBI matter.


As of this date, 01/22/09, it is the only Government document that references the numbers "2" and "8."

The FBI has refused to respond, in writing, to this simple request. Verbally, an FBI agent accused me of altering the photograph. The agent said, "...the number looks like a "2," but I have concerns you altered the photograph..."

The high-resolution photograph on this link ( was taken with a digital camera, and was not altered, other than to change it from a TIF file to a JPEG so that it could be placed on the webpage. Futhermore, I provided the FBI with an exact copy of the TIF file in a CD I hand delivered to the FBI office.

After the FBI refused to respond to the letter below, Congresswoman Tauscher's staff in Washington DC told me it would be up to the Executive Branch of Government to answer the letter. This occurred during the Bush Administration. I hope the Obama Administration will bring change.



Letter from Ellen Taucsher, 4-14-08

The State Attorney General , Jerry Brown, was the only person who responded to this letter, and he indicated it is not within his jurisdiction.


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