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Joan Dahlgren E-Mail Accusing M. Knell of Threatening Behavior


Email Joan Dahlgren, 3/16/12, which alleges Knell is an "abusive caller".

Ms. Dahlgren admits to providing me with an incorrect phone number, and states that she deliberately refused to provide me with a correct phone number.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, she states that Commissioner Florio was told to "steer clear of [me]. Most likely, the person who told Florio to steer clear of me was CPUC President, Michael Peevey.

It should be noted that I hand-delivered a meeting request to Commissioner Florio in April 2011 at a public hearing in the City of San Bruno. In that meeting request, I had asked that Mr. Florio look at the public record (documents in the Formal Complaint), to see if he could determine whether or not AT&T lied in a Formal Complaint about the phone number in the photograph that received service through cable pair 1118, and if AT&T lied about the meaning of the trouble code "98" that was on both of my business phone lines.

Commissioner Florio never responded to my meeting requests, but emails prove he was "Judge Shopping" for PG&E, during that time period.


Pacific Bell Respoonse to Data Request, October 1, 2001

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