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Smoking Gun Email

The email below shows the hatred Carol Brown has for the City of San Bruno and the victims of the San Bruno fire.

The email below is evidence of illegal communication between PG&E and the CPUC.

If Carol Brown simply wanted to help her friend at PG&E avoid answering questions, she would have wrote "and then wait for them to give up."

Instead, as a result of her hatred towards the victims of the San Bruno fire, Carol Brown told her friend at PG&E, "and then wait for them to have a fit."

The City of San Bruno was able to obtain the email by suing the CPUC in Superior Court,


It should be noted that I have a "sweet note" email from Carol Brown, and the results exactly matches what she told PG&E to do.

See: phonenumberforpresident-47



From: Brown, Carol A. <>
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 4:06 PM
To:Doll, Laura
Subject: nice seeing you

Talked with the judge -- they issued a ruling saying the hearing was moot -- I think you have 2 ways of going (you might want to chat with your legal people)

1. Send back a sweet note saying the issue is moot since seminar not going forward (problem -- it is not "cancelled" only postponed) -- and then wait for them to throw a fit.

2. Answer any simple question you can, and then object to the others as being outside the scope of the 3 Oiis [Order instituting investigation] - but offering to meet and confer on the issue -- and schedule a date out a little for the meet-and-confer -- then they will file a motion to compel, no need for any expedition of the process -- you respond -- and a hearing is held due course

Happy to chat








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