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FBI Anonymous Special Agent

last updated 04/30/09

August 22, 2008. An anonymous FBI "special agent" called.

This was a very disturbing call, as it became quite clear the FBI is protecting somebody, and it isn't me or my family. The "special agent" told me he looked at my webpage (and the links), and the FBI will not open an investigation.

I asked if he could determine if the number was a "2" or an "8". He said, "I cannot make that determination." He told me he wasn't a specialist in looking at numbers. I asked if he had consulted with an FBI "specialist" who could determine what the number is. He refused to answer.

I also asked if he could determine if the phone number was mine, based on the letters "RSA". Again, the FBI agent told me he could not make that determination. When I asked what his title was, he told me he was a "Special agent." I asked if his superviors had told him to tell me to go away. He would not answer the question -- basically, he told me not to come back to the FBI office.

The tone of the call was more of a threat than anything else. The fact that the FBI claims they cannot make a determination that the phone number is mine, makes the FBI agent just as corrupt as the Judge, and just as costly to society.

I believe that the FBI called me as a result of my sending the following email message to phone company attorneys, Stephanie Elena Krapf and Michelle Galbraith on 08/17/08:

"As a result of recent events, Congresswoman Tauscher asked the FBI to determine whether or not you lied, when you told the State of California that a phone number in a photograph was not mine. See the following link:     Hopefully, justice will be served."

There was no other reason for the FBI to call me on 08/22/08. This is evidence that AT&T contacted the FBI, and asked for a "special" favor from a "special agent." The reason I sent the email to Stephanie Krapf and Michelle Galbraith was to rattle some cages, and see what would happen. On December 17, 2008, I sent a complaint of corruption to the Department of Justice website:

To Report a Complaint about Waste, Fraud, Abuse, or Misconduct in the Department of Justice


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