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Federal Jurisdiction.

last updated 03/10/09

According to documents I have found, including documents that are on the FBI website, there are 5 Federal issues that linked to the documentation on this website:

  1. Lying to a Regulatory Agency (such as the CPUC) is within FBI jurisdiction
  2. A corrupt Judge is within FBI jurisdiction
  3. Concealing problems in the phone company infrastructure (by altering repair records) is a securities violations, and is within FBI jurisdiction.
  4. Corporate Fraud and obstruction of justice is within FBI jurisdiction

It should also be noted that the State Attorney General wrote a letter to me, stating the attorney general has a legal obligation to protect state workers.Verbally, the State Attorney General told me it cannot comment on the documents on this website. See letter dated 05/22/08. This is why the FBI needs to look at the documents on this website.

The letter below, which refers me to the San Francisco FBI office, seems to ignore the facts I have repeatedly presented to the FBI. It should be noted that the San Francisco FBI Office also been extremely evasive.

Letter, FBI to Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, March 28


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