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The email below, from a CPUC employee has been modified to keep some information confidential, and BOLD font was used to emphasize importance. The original email was forwarded to the FBI. This person wants to contact the FBI, but is afraid.


(First email) On XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX wrote:

> Hello Mike,
> We need to talk about what's going on XXXXXXXXXXX. . I remember you and your story but not completely. I'm very concerned about this. You have no idea what I've been through.
> Are you in the east bay? I want to meet and talk with you in a public place away from my job and not during work hours. If I'm about to get thrown into something, I need to know what I'm dealing with.
> Please respond with a phone number i can reach you at, and we will set something up.


(Second email) On XXXXXXXXXXXXX , Mike Knell <> wrote:

I don't think you have anything to worry about. You are probably afraid of the unknown...

... if you know about corruption at the CPUC, please contact the FBI and/or the San Mateo District Attorney. This may be able to put your mind at ease.

Mike Knell

phone 925-485-0461, I live in Pleasanton.


(Third Email) On XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX wrote:

No Mike,

I know exactly what I am afraid of. Please give me somebody's direct contact information at FBI or San Mateo DA who is familiar with this case. This is serious business if they contact me. I can't talk to you about this because nothing with my name attached to it can end up on your website please. If there is a legitimate investigation going on, and I can be of assistance to the appropriate authorities, then I will cooperate as appropriate. I need to verify things for myself because naturally I want to and need to protect myself. I'm sure you can appreciate that.

I am curious as to how you came to talk to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX about me and what was said.



(Fourth Email) On XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Mike Knell <> wrote:
Are you afraid the FBI is corrupt?



(Fifth Email) On XXXXX 2011, at XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

Well that's a no-brainer. But actually yes, I don't trust a lot of people, and they have to earn my trust. And this is not a game. And I'm not a stupid person. So, I want direct contact information so I can verify what's going on.


The rest of this email has been deleted to protect some confidential information

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