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The Governor of California.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger And The State Budget Deficit -- A Problem he will never fix unless he looks at why he was elected.

I like many of the the Governor's ideas, but I don't think his staff is providing him with the information he needs to fix the budget problems in California, and I don't think he understands the failures of deregulation, and how it caused him to be elected in the first place.

The Governor will never balance the budget until he looks at what caused him to be elected in the first place -- a huge deficit caused by the failure of deregulation in the energy companies supplying gas and electricity to California. The Enron scandel caused energy prices to go sky high, causing California to go into billions of dollars of debt. As a result of the debt, Californian's voted Governor Gray Davis out of Office.

The State agency responsible for the deregulation in gas and electricity was the California Public Utilities Commission -- which, in my opinion, is a corrupt organization that is greatly responsible for the budget deficit that caused Schwarzennegger to become Governor. The State Attorney General talks about the problems with deregulation on this link: Antitrust Home. The State Attorney General talks about the costs of deregulation on this link:Energy.

I believe the Governor has unwittingly surrounded himself with people who are not providing the Governor with the information he needs to fix the State's financial problems.

Studies in human behavior show how easily group mentality can cause compliant individuals within a group to do the wrong thing. To avoid the problem of "group think," President Obama made a point of surrounding himself with outspoken people who come from various backgrounds so he can understand political problems from various points of view.

After Schwarzenegger got elected, he chose Susan Kennedy to be his Chief of Staff, a former CPUC Commissioner who is pro-business. CPUC Shake-Up Could Renew Rulemaking Susan Kennedy is one of the Commissioners who was suppose to oversee my Complaint. Her name is on the Denial For Rehearing, but not her signature (as required by law). The Corrupt Judge and the Denial for Rehearing She has ignored all of my calls and letters.

Even though the phone number could be used by Governor Schwarzenegger to add over $200 million to the State General Fund, and I believe the Governor has the authority to acknowlege that it is my phone number, and order the CPUC to impose fines, the Governor's Office has refused to say anything about the phone number.

One possible reason for the Governor's refusal to acknowledge the number is mine is due to "pay to play" politics. According to this article ( Gov.'s Gift to PUC Official Questioned) "Susan P. Kennedy, now the governor's chief of staff, received $25,000 from his campaign account 21 days after AT&T donated $25,000 to the fund." "Days later, Ms. Kennedy voted to OK [AT&T's] merger with SBC."

It's hard to know what the Governor actually knows -- his administration is not transparent, but they are well paid.


An article ( states that AT&T has donated a great deal of money to Governor Schwarzeneger, so that he can recover the money he paid for his election campaign (

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