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Governor Jerry Brown

$10,000 Dollar Reward




I'm offering a $10,000 (ten thousand dollar) reward to the first person who can get the Government (State or Federal) to acknowledge that the phone company Attorney, Stephanie Elena Krapf, committed perjury when she told the State of California that the above phone number has the last five digits of "85093" in order to avoid paying millions of dollars in fines to the California State General Fund.

If you or your contact can get the Government to acknowledge that the phone number noted above is my phone number (925-462-5093), and not somebody elses phone number with the last five digits of "85093" (See: The Fictional Phone Number, and a blatant act of Perjury ) you will receive $10,000 if:

  1. This results in Stephanie Krapf going to prison and/or losing her license to practice law.

To better understand why I am offering this reward, Stephanie Elena Krapf, as an Officer of the Court, committed blatent criminal acts in a court of law to conceal that AT&T was using defective phone lines to my premises. Criminal acts are supposed to be handled by law enforcement, not a civil suit. Furthermore, because of the California Public Utilities Commission's Decision, which stated that AT&T did not violate public utlility laws (by claiming the above noted phone number has the last five digits of "85093"), I cannot prevail in a Civil suit, until it is proven that the above phone number has the last five digits of "25093."

I have contacted the appropriate law enforcement agency, the FBI, but the FBI has chosen to look the other way (See: Mike and the FBI). A letter from the State Attorney General corroborates this is an FBI matter.

The local police department agreed the Attorney committed perjury, and that this is an FBI matter, but they cannot do anything because it is not within their jurisdiction.

Congresswoman Tauscher's staff has been the only Government agency to do any thing . Her office asked the FBI to look at the above document, and determine if the number is "25093" or "85093." Congresswoman Tauscher, letter May 16, 2008. Again, the FBI has not complied with this request.

Proving the phone number is mine, proves the need to establish common sense telecommunications laws that can save this country billions of dollars a year, while making jobs easier, and more productive for phone company employees, Government employees, and businesses that require reliable phone service. Telecommunications Consumer's Bill of Rights


You can tell your contact that an internal phone company document, dated March 16, 2009, lists all the possible sixteen addresses that can be linked to the above phone number. It can be used by law enforcement to determine if a phone number with the last five digits of "85093" existed at any of the following addresses in Pleasanton, California on August 31, 2001:

4798 Mohr Ave

4811 Woodthrush Road

4829 Woodthrush Road

4713 Woodthrush Court

4716 Woodthrush Court

4724 Woodthrush Court

4727 Woodthrush Court

4738 Woodthrush Court

4741 Woodthrush Court

4752 Woodthrush Court

4755 Woodthrush Court

4766 Woodthrush Court

4769 Woodthrush Court

4777 Woodthrush Court

4788 Woodthrush Court

4793 Woodthrush Court

The Map below shows all of the possible addresses the phone number could belong to:

Pacific Bell Respoonse to Data Request, October 1, 2001


If you are the first person who can get law enforcment to officially determine that no phone number with the last five digits of "85093" existed at any of the above addresses, you can get $10,000 provided this leads to the successful prosecution of AT&T Attorney, Stephanie Elena Krapf, for committing perjury and/or obstruction of justice.

To be eligible for the reward, you must send a letter or email to the person you know, who can get the Government to open an investigation into the fraud and corruption linked to the above phone number, and send a copy to me by email or regular mail. In addition, this is an open offer to any Law Firm that isn't afraid to go up against AT&T, to contact me.


Postal mailing address: Mike Knell, PO Box 66, Livermore, CA 94551-0066



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