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Stephanie Elena Krapf

Krapf, Stephanie Elena

On June 8, a bill collector called me to try to collect money for an early termination fee, because I switched my business phone service to Comcast. The collections activity began in January, and I wrote letters to AT&T, the CPUC, as well as the collections agency stating that AT&T was providing service to my business through defective phone lines, and that my only choice for reasonable phone service was to switch to Comcast after Comcast provided business service in my neighborhood. I also explained that AT&T refused to credit my account for recurring service problems. The collections agency ignored the letter I sent.

I sent an email to Stephanie Krapf regarding the call from the collections agency, as well as her acts of perjury, and the failure to comply with a Commission Order which ordered AT&T to refund money to me for overcharges. I also left a voicemail on her answering machine, again, letting her know that she committed perjury.


On June 9, 2009, I called Stephanie Krapf to discuss unresolved billing issues (failure to refund money to me as per Commission Ruling), as well as her act of perjury for claiming the phone number is not mine). This time, she answered the phone.

Ms. Krapf told me to never call again, or she would report me to the "authorities" -- I told her to report me to the authorities -- she hung up on me, so I called again, and told her secratary, Michelle Chu, that I wanted Stephanie to report me to the "authorities." I also called Stephanie's boss, David Peter Discher, and left a message with his receptionist, that I wanted Stephanie to report me to "authorities."

On July 6, 2009, I received a call from the collections agency, again asking me to pay. I told the caller that I disputed the bill. She told me that I had to write a letter, to dispute the bill. I explained that I already wrote a letter, and I told her to quit calling me, and to answer my letter, in writing. She told me she would not do that, and that she would continue to call me every day. I then called Stephanie Krapf, and told her that I was not going to pay the bill, and that everytime I received a call from collections, I would call Stephanie. I also told Stephanie that I would do everything in my power to see that justice is served. She responded by asking if I was threatening her. After our conversation, I put up the $10,000 reward. After receiving a letter from the CPUC, dated August 3, 2009, I decided to raise the reward to $50,000.


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