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As a result of filing an informal complaint in March 1997, the phone company illegally imposed special rules upon me on April 3, 1997. This made a bad situation worse, and according to legal experts, there was nothing I could do.

In 2001, as a result of getting written documentation from AT&T Resale, that my business phone line did not work well enough to process credit card orders, while Pacific Bell claimed the line tested OK (See: November 16 , 2000), and written confirmation of a cable failure on that line (See: CPUC letter April 4, 2001), I filed a Formal Complaint (See: August 1 , 2001).

As a result of filing a Formal Complaint, the frauds got even worse. In the Formal Complaint, there were over twenty acts of perjury linked to the above phone number -- from claims that there have never been any problems on my phone lines, to claims that I threatened to kill phone company employees, to claims that the above phone number is not mine.

The claims that there was nothing wrong with my phone lines and that I threatened to kill phone company employees can be proven to be fraudulant, by proving the phone number is mine. Most of the acts of perjury came directly from the phone company Attorneys, and without the photograph shown at the top of the page, it would have been impossible to prove the phone company lied about the condition of the phone lines since 1996.

The document above, when linked to another document I photographed (The Log of Defective Cable Pairs) proves the phone company, now known as the "New AT&T," knowingly used defective phone lines to me since 1996, while claiming there was nothing wrong with the phone lines.



January 12, 2009 letter, to Senator Barbara Boxer

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