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Request to Consider New Evidence

Request to Consider New Evidence

I filed a complaint on Feb. 2, 2009. Online Complaint Form

The CPUC responded on April 6, 2009. CPUC April 6, 2009

Per the letter I received from the CPUC dated April 6, 2009, I filed a complaint with new evidence obtained on March 16.

In a letter dated 4/22/09, the Commission refused to consider the new evidence, and answered my complaint on behalf of AT&T.


January 12, 2009 letter, to Senator Barbara Boxer

Attachment 1: AT&T document dated March 16, 2009,

Attachment 2: The Fictional Phone Number, and a blatant act of Perjury

Attachment 3: trouble Code 98.

Attachment 4: AT&T letter January 27, 2009.

Attachment 5:

Attachment 6:





Attachment 7:


Attachment 8:


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