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Letter from CPUC, 4/22/09

CPUC 04/22/09

This is an interesting letter, which is in response to new evidence I provided to the CPUC for an informal complaint, requesting credits be issued to my account for recurring service problems. Request to Consider New Evidence

The CPUC tells me that:

"this Commission cannot complel [AT&T] to to make records available to you."

In other words, if I file a Formal Complaint, the Commission cannot order AT&T to provide repair records.

Because the Commission refused to ask AT&T to answer questions I raised regarding service problems, and crediting my account, it appears that the Commission is speaking on behalf of AT&T. As a result of normal human behavior, AT&T and the CPUC are now one and the same.

According to a Qwest Communications document titled, "LMOS Disposition and Cause Codes," Federal law states that repair records are a matter of Public record:

... miscoding of trouble reports can lead to misallocation of corporate resources. For example, this data is the underpinning of many PIDs and inaccurate reporting can lead to inappropriate QPAP liability. Additionally, should external reviews determine disposition codes are inaccurately reported, Qwest may be subject to additional PIDs, QPAP liability, fines from the FCC's Enforcement Bureau…

When a trouble report has been closed out the narrative is stored in Loop Maintenance Operation System (LMOS). This database stores the customer of records line record and trouble history. This history can then be accessed at a later date, either by Qwest employees or upon request, provided to customers (including alternate providers), PUC data gathering request, etc. Thus it is critical that all narratives remain clear and concise, describing exactly what was done to resolve trouble…"

The Qwest document goes on to explain that even if no trouble is found, a narrative is required. The fact that Pacific Bell records provided in Testimony for the date of 01/30/01 did not match other documents, indicates that Pacific Bell purposely violated laws that require trouble reports to be properly recorded for PUC data gathering.

The point needs to be made, the CPUC document shown below shows that the CPUC is now speaking on behalf of AT&T, and providing false information.



January 12, 2009 letter, to Senator Barbara Boxer

last edited 05/27/09.


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