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April 20, 21 2009

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On April 20, 2009, a cable splicing truck was parked at the service box for 4777 Woodthrush Ct.

From what I was told, he was responding to three trouble tickets: 4788 Woodthrush Ct, 4793 Woodthrush Ct, and 4769 Woodthrush Ct. According to one of my neighbors, she had reported the trouble two weeks earlier.

Four weeks earlier, on March 22 and 23, AT&T encapsulated the phone terminals, in part, to prevent water intrusion. By April 7 the residents at 4811 Woodthrush Rd had lost phone service -- it took at least four days to restore service.

On April 20, 2009, the cable splicer spent several hours trying to restore service, and he drove off to Mohr Ave several times in an attempt to restore service

He told me the cable is bad on Mohr Ave, and he was having difficulty finding good cable pairs. When I asked if the problems on Woodthrush Ct was an isolated incident, he told me, "No."

The encapsulation made it more time consuming for the repair person to test and repair the phone lines. When I asked if the system had been tested before the encapsulation, he told me, "No."

When the cable splicer drove off, I photographed the terminal, confirming it had been "encapsulated."


The following day (April 21, 2009) I observed two cable splicing trucks repairing the cable. One truck was parked at the 4798 Mohr Ave.

The other truck was parked at the corner of Mohr and Santa Rita. The trucks were there for several hours trying to restore service to three houses. Now that Comcast offers service, the AT&T cable only provides service to 10 houses.

AT&T cannot provide reasonable service to my street or my business. AT&T is now demanding payment for an Early Termination Fee because I switched my business phone service to Comcast.


AT&T is also denying there were service problems on my phone lines in May 2006, October 2006, and July 2007. The documents shown below show otherwise.


Att 6:

October 5, 2006:

July 9, 2007:




Feb 25, 2010 Service problems for my next door neighbor who lives at 4755 Woodthrush.



Feb 25. 2010, Supervisor shows up to assist.


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