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List of people and agencies who will not acknowledge the existence of the photograph

last edited 05/22/09

Mr. President,

The following is a list of 20 people, politicians and government agenceis who will not acknowledge the phone number in the photograph is mine, corroborating that American citizens cannot trust our government, and proving the need for a telecommunications consumer's bill of rights:

  1. Stephanie Krapf, the phone company Attorney who stated it was not my phone number, and in doing so, defrauded California out of collecting millions of dollars in fines. She also defrauded me and my family out of recoverying losses as a result of ongoing phone problems. See: The Fictional Phone Number, and a blatant act of Perjury
  2. Janice Grau, the corrupt judge at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), who defrauded California out of millions of dollars by refusing to follow the Rule of Law. Furthermore, she created fradulant statements in her Decision to avoid the issue of the above phone number. See: The Corrupt Judge and the "admittedly defective DAML"
  3. The five Commissioners who were suppose to oversee the Complaint I filed at the CPUC, but who did not sign the Denial For Rehearing. See: The Corrupt Judge and the Denial for Rehearing
  4. Richard Smith, during the time he was contacting me (2002, 2003), he was the Deputy Director of the Rate Payers Advocates Group, at the CPUC. He told me about the "underbelly of the CPUC" and he also sent an email to me, stating that the Judge committed legal error by refusing to follow the Rule of Law. Richard Smith is now an Administrative Law Judge at the CPUC, and like all of the others at the CPUC I have communicated with, he is not willing to take the appropriate steps to expose the corruption. He is an elite member of the revolving door club of CPUC officials and Judges who have worked at the phone company. Richard Smith has an unbelievable knowledge of the laws, and the level of corruption. His knowledge could be used for the public good. See: The Corrupt Judge and legal error
  5. Darlene Mae Clark, the phone company Senior Attorney who worked for AT&T Resale (the old AT&T). She could have have nailed Pacific Bell/SBC for sabotaging AT&T Resale Service by acknowledging the phone number was mine (and by acknowledging that the Trouble Code 98 was an indication of multiple troubles on both of my business phone lines), and she had a legal obligation to do so, for her client, AT&T Resale (Pacific Bell had already been found guilty of Sabotaging Resale service to a company owned by Jeff Elkins. See: ANTITRUST FUNDS). Instead, Darlene Mae Clark conspired with Pacific Bell (now the New AT&T) to claim I called in phoney trouble reports to bolster my complaint about phone service problems (See page page 7: Direct Testimony of Bob Alex on Behalf of Pacific Bell Telephone Company. See Page 19: Testimony of Rod Aguilar on behalf of AT&T. June 2002). According to Richard Smith, Darlene Mae Clark was also a member of the revolving door club at the CPUC. She worked at the CPUC before she became an attorney for AT&T Resale
  6. Rodney Aguilar. He was my AT&T Contact, who was suppose to work with me to fix problems. Instead, he created more problems in the "Rodney Aguilar Runaround." During the Formal Complaint, he was the witness for AT&T. As a witness, he conspired with Pacific Bell to claim I called in phoney trouble reports to bolster my Complaint. He too, like Darlene Clark, could have nailed Pacific Bell/SBC for sabotaging AT&T Resale Service. He also committed other acts of perjury. There is a money trail that links Mr. Aguilar to getting paid off by Pacific Bell for his conspiracy services. See: Rodney Aguilar and the Patelco Credit Union conspiracy, and the Rodney Aguilar Runaround.
  7. Angela K. Minkin, CPUC Chief administrative law judge. On 10/10/07, she sent a letter to me, telling me I could not email Janice Grau, notifying her of ongoing problems that occurred because she refused to follow the Rule of Law. She considered it "harassment." I responded by sending an email to Ms. Minkin, describing what happened in the first Formal Complaint, and asked, "...that you look at the webpage,  and explain to me, if you think the phone number that received service through cable pair 1118 was my phone number.   I hope you have the integrity to respond to my request, I have yet to find anybody at the CPUC who will." She has not responded -- what a surprise.
  8. Hong Chang, the Deputy Directory, at the San Francisco Governor's Office. After several days of investigating, he told me he cannot comment on the phone number, because it is "complicated." It should be noted that the Governor's Office required that I put my concerns in writing and send by US mail, which I did. The Governor's Office has never responded in writing. The only paper trail I have with the Governor's Office are phone bills and a signed certified receipt showing proof of receiving a letter I mailed in Feb 2008. On Jan 22, 2009, the Governors Office called me, and told me Hong Chang will not talk to me because I have his name on this website. The Governor's Office went on to say the State Constitution prevents the Governor from acknowledging the phone number is mine. Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger
  9. Barbara Kaufman. She is the Directory of the Governor's San Francisco Office, and she is Hong Chang's supervisor. Her Office told me she will not talk to me either. On Jan 23, 2009, I was told they are fully aware of this webpage. I was then told to contact the State Attorney General -- it should be noted that in a letter dated, May 22, 2008, the State Attorney General told me it cannot deal with this issue. State Attorney General. On Jan 23, 2009, I again contacted the State Attorney General.
  10. The FCC sidestepped the issue of whether or not the phone number is mine, but in a letter dated March 8, 2008, the FCC did acknowledge that a law designed to protect resellers of phone service is not designed to protect consumers. The Federal Communications Commission
  11. Kenneth W. Kaiser, Assistant Director of the FBI. In a letter dated March 28, 2008, Mr. Kaiser sidestepped the issue and told me to contact the San Francisco FBI office.
  12. Congresswoman Tauscher and her case manager, although in letter dated May 16, 2008, they did ask the San Francisco FBI Office to look at the above photograph, determine if the phone number has the last five digits of "25093" or "85093" and write back to me. The FBI refused to do so. An email dated August 19, 2008, states that Tascher can do no more to help me. On August 20, 2008 Tausher's staff member in Washington DC, explained it would be up to the Executive Branch of Government to order the FBI to investigate my complaint, and that Congress can do nothing if the FBI refuses to investigate my complaint. This is the reason that the Office of the President of the United States needs to acknowledge the phone number is mine.
  13. The Anonymous FBI Special Agent who called me on August, 22, 2008 from the San Francisco office. He told me he could not determine whether the phone number has the last five digits of "25093" or "85093," and therefore, could not open an investigation into corporate fraud or corruption. I think the FBI agent needs to be investigated for corruption -- that is, if the agent can be identified.
  14. Congressman McNerney. In a letter dated January 26, 2009, Congressman McNerney's staff sidestepped the issue of the phone number, and stated this is a State issue.
  15. The State Attorney General May, 22, 2008. As a result of Congresswoman Tauscher's letter dated May 16, 2008, which CC'ed State Senator Don Perata, the State Attorney General, and the CPUC, the State Attorney General wrote a nice letter explaining why he cannot comment on the documents. He advised me to contact the Bureau of State Audits (which I had already done).
  16. State Senator Don Perata. Congresswoman Tauscher's letter May 16, 2008 , CC'ed State Senator Don Perata, the State Attorney General, and the CPUC. The State Attorney General responded to the letter (see above), but not Senator Don Perata.
  17. The CPUC. Congresswoman Tauscher's letter May 16, 2008, CC'ed the State Senator Don Perata, the State Attorney General, and the CPUC. The State Attorney General responded to the letter (see above), but not the CPUC.
  18. Senator Barbara Boxer I mailed a letter to Senator Boxer's office on January 12, 2009. I had hoped to receive a response by now. On March 4, 2009, I called her San Francisco office, and her office was aware of my request, but had done nothing. On May 22, 2009, Senator Boxer's Office told me it will not make a statement as to whether or not the phone company Attorney committed perjury.
  19. The Bureau of State Audits. According to their website, " To fulfill its investigative responsibilities, the State Auditor operates a toll-free telephone hotline and investigates such violations as corruption, malfeasance, theft of government property, fraud, gross inefficiency, and willful omission to perform duty. All investigations are confidential and the identity of the whistleblower is never revealed. Investigative reports of substantiated allegations are released to the public once the corrective action has been taken by the employing state agency. Public release of the investigative report provides a deterrent to similar misconduct by others. However, since appropriate punishment has already been imposed, the names of the wrongdoers are not released to avoid unnecessary ridicule." I don't expect much from this agency, but the simple fact is that I did contact the Bureau of State Audits prior to receiving the letter from the State Attorney General, and nothing happened. On December 18, 2008, I contacted the State Bureau of Audits a second time, and included the letter from the State Attorney General. In a confidential letter dated December 24, 2008, the Bureau of State Audits acknowledged receiving my complaint. On Jan 30, 2009, the Bureau of State Audits told me if an investigation finds the Judge is corrupt, a report will be posted on their website, but no names would be provided. In otherwords, I would have no legal documents which would confirm I had an unfair hearing at the CPUC. The Burea of State Audits is yet another black hole in our Government that is unfair to individuals who are harmed by corrupt Government employees.
  20. No one in the media has been willing to admit this is my phone number due to the advertising revenue that could be lost. AT&T spends a lot of money advertising.

Mr. President, if even one of the above people or agencies mentioned above had acknowledged, in writing, that the above phone number was mine, I would not have to put up this webpage. Sadly, this is one of the reasons our economy has deteriorated.



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